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- In this week's Neighborhood Eats we head to Ossining for some delicious Bananas Foster Crepes!

Lauren Glassberg has more.

Beylka Krupp and Rich Foshay like to think of their restaurant as an extension of their home. There are quilts in the windows, kids' artwork on the walls.

And then there's the name, the Wobble Cafe. Wobble is the name of their cat, and it was their son's first word, so it stuck.

The menu includes sandwiches, often with vegetarian options, fresh chili, salads with twists like homemade brandied cherry vinaigrette and items for the kids, like fondue. Parental supervision is encouraged because of the small flame.

And speaking of flames, they are essential in the Bananas Foster Crepes.

To make the crepes, Rich mixes flour with milk and eggs with a little melted butter. He squeezes the mixture into two hot pans and finishes the crepes on the griddle. The bananas are then quickly sauted with butter, brown sugar and cinnamon and then doused with bourbon and flambed.

Once the alcohol cooks off, the crepes are filled and topped with a little whipped cream.

It's a quintessential wobble recipe, because it makes you feel good.

"We live in this community, we care about it and we want to be the local place," Rich said.

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Bananas Foster Crepes Recipe


Wisk together:

Cook in hot pan

Bananas Foster

Melt butter and brown sugar in pan.

Add banana and sautee until hot.

Add booze and flambe.

Spoon mixture onto a crepe and roll up.

Top with whipped cream, cinnamon or powdered sugar.